Walking through Base64’s many spaces invokes a feeling of calm and quiet endeavour. Aside from the bustle of the monster truck of a coffee machine and the banter of the residents in the gorgeous kitchen, it’s a place where you can sit and feel at ease, at home and most of all at comfort. Double glazed windows, state of the art cooling and heating and integrated design with up to 10 gbps internet speeds make for a place to work like no other.


Base64 Kitchen

One of the many Base64 shared lunches!


It’s hard to think of this place in the crazy 80’s as the premier advertising agency and video production suite, Pepper Studios. We dug up this footage of an event hosted here from an old 80’s promo for the BRAND NEW West End “boutique beer”, West End Super.

Featuring glimpses of a very young Mike Rann, Catherine Lambert and various SANFL and cricketing heroes of the time, this throwback was filmed right here! The footage was provided out of sync so there are some lovely little hiccups and the quality is very “80’s! Keep your ears out for the way “Boutique Beer” is pronounced. You can really see why folks moved to using the term “Craft Beer”.

We still host many events here but likely can’t find any “West End Girls” for staffing. Enjoy!