As the custodian of an old building with such a rich History, Base64 often attracts those who have stories and memories of the space. As well as old stories, we’re often coming across and making new ones as the space evolves over time. Here are a few:


The gate that grew up next to Gandhi.

Wandering past the formidable entry gate to one of the “secret” gardens here at Base64, Chinkit, a PHD intern noticed some sanskrit writing he recognised vaguely. He called him mum and asked her to translate. Here’s what he found

This door comes from a small village Chikhodra in the state of Gujarat, INDIA. Only 50 Kms from the city of Ahmedabad, where Mahatma Gandhi developed the roots of his non-violence movement. Also happens to be where I was born. The script is written in Gujarati Language – more than 700 years old and spoken by 50 million people.


The name of the village is on the plate and my mom reckons it is about 70 – 80 years old.


No wonder Base64 feels like home ” src=”cid:image001.png@01D3F813.52A4DE80″ alt=”image001.png” class=”Apple-web-attachment”>