Plandroid is a simple graphical software tool for air conditioning system design and quoting. It allows you to create a ducting design superimposed over a house plan image, using components from your hardware supplier’s actual parts catalog. It also gives you a costing table based on those parts, and creates a report by inserting all the relevant data into your own report templates.

The entrepreneur behind Plandroid, Mike Garrett, says he was attracted to Base64 by its convenience. “What a great spot!  It’s closer to the city than most of the city is, but without the parking and traffic dramas,” he explains. “It’s great to have a beautiful office in a place that is growing with other entrepreneurs and technology people. The Base is made for tech people by tech people – and the Base staff know what developers need to keep working.  It has the best coffee available (although I don’t drink coffee myself), a dedicated server room, and foosball. I rest my case.”