Sandpit designs and delivers web-connected products that are strategically robust, creatively compelling and technically advanced.

Sandpit is devoted to solving its clients’ problems via lateral creativity used in combination with innovative, real-world storytelling and emerging technology – from creative consulting to production and delivery. Sandpit uses a unique methodology to create and deliver experiences and activations, synthesising its tried and tested processes across multiple platforms into a clear approach to get the best result for your project.

Sandpit co-founder Sam Haren says Base64 is an exciting space. “It’s a very beautiful place and it inspires conversations with the other people in it,” he observes. “It’s provides the opportunity to feel you’re in the best possible environment to support the work you’re doing. That’s everything from the conversations through to the physical environment itself. The beauty of the history of the buildings blended with outstandingly brilliant Internet for your day-to-day business activities is a wonderful combination, as is the fantastic curation of the people who are located here.”