goACT is a platform used in health – by researchers and clinicians – to enable improved health processes and care models. Through the use of secure, smart device data feeds and a broad range of information from other sources that its clients choose, including personalised social networks, goAct aggregates and connects data. Moreover, goAct facilitates social interaction and engagement to greatly improve the quality of the information received. 

Naturally, there are complex factors at play with complex health conditions – complex problems require composite solutions. 

goAct enables its clients to visualise and integrate the data, undertake predictive analysis – machine learning – and engage in processes of ongoing improvement — feedback.

goAct users select the features they need, goAct customises the design and offers ongoing, tailored support.

Some of the problems goAct helps solve for good health outcomes include:

  • the need adaptable logic for effective surveys 
  • qualitative data and how does this link to data from say, a fitbit or apple watch? 
  • integrating data from wearables (giving physical activity data) with EMA (ecological
    momentary assessment) information 
  • social influences – what patients and chronic disease sufferers say to friends and family is
    clinically important but needs to be aggregated and held it in a way that is meaningful and useful 
  • environmental factors impact a chronic health condition but discerning quality data across such variable influences is hard without goAct.

In more detail

goAct allows clients to integrate multiple data sources – qualitative and quantitative – to inform process and care models. It is a base for generative feedback loops delivering ongoing improvement. Clientsw can use predictive analytics with multiple sources of data and machine learning capabilities to make healthcare-related predictions.

In research, goAct can improve participant engagement leading to more reliable data collection and research outcomes. It can create a bridge from research to clinical practice and, where desirable, encompass psychological, social and environmental determinants of health alongside specific clinical interventions. In clinical settings, goAct can enhance patient care models and empower patients delivering better health outcomes such as for chronic health conditions associated with mental health, general wellbeing, nutrition, sleep and many more.

goAct is independent of operating systems, proprietary standards and tools that provide individual insight yet make it hard to see the whole health (big) picture. Participants, users, patients, researchers and clinicians can engage with it through a website, phone/ipad/tablet apps and ‘smart’ devices.

At its core, goAct is adaptable to the particular and specific needs of a research or health intervention. goAct’s broad feature set allows us to quickly adapt it to a client’s particular conditions and circumstances. We’re a small and agile; dedicated to collaborating with and supporting universities, researchers, health practitioners and clinical organisations.