Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC) is pioneering, transformational Big Data research to help the National Security Community make critical security decisions faster and more accurately.

Established with a grant of $25 million in July 2014, the D2D CRC is part of the Cooperative Research Centres Programme and is researching and developing tools that seek to maximise the benefits of ‘big data’ for Australia’s defence and national security sector. The rapidly growing D2D CRC team contained about 20 people within three months of setting up at Base64.  Resident staff include data scientists, software architects, software engineers and system architects, many with advanced degrees and significant industry experience. The team also has recent graduates, university research engineers, interns and industry partner staff.

D2D CRC CEO Dr Sanjay Mazumdar says staff, university researchers, industry secondees, PhD students and interns all love it at Base64. “CRCs are all about fostering collaboration between industry and researchers,” he says. “We’re also working in an area, Data Science, which attracts high calibre individuals who are looking for a fun environment in which to work. Base64 achieves all of this and more.”