Four month Residency @base64au

When Simon Hackett opened his business doors over many years ago, he faced many of the same challenges startups face now.   For over 20 years his company, Internode (Australian Broadband ISP) grew exponentially, Internode was consistently listed in the top 5 in Australia for its increasing size, commitment to emerging technology and the provision of award winning customer care.

Rather than move interstate or overseas to greener pastures Simon has always chosen to live in Adelaide. Upon selling Internode  he purchased a large Kent Town heritage listed “precinct” carefully restoring restored the heritage listed spaces, and kitting up  a veautiful heritage listed site creating 18 offices in various sizes. Breathing life into an old space, making it new, these things matter. That’s how Base 64 was born. Cat 6 ethernet in very room , individual SSID’s with every company receiving their own secure and unique network IPV6, connected to the net with a blisteringly fast 1 gig fibre internet connection, Herman Miller Chairs throughout , careful restoration of event and function spaces with the design mandate of retaining the original beauty whilst bringing it into the 21st century .

Oh, And did we mention we had a dalek?

We have a dalek.

Base64 are proud to offer a 4 month residence waiving all fees to a start up or “started up” seeking an Adelaide footprint for their continued work:

What this offers you:

From May 31 2019 to September 30 2020 the successful applicant will receive:

  • A heritage listed , re-architected space comfortably situated just on the cusp of the buzzing East End of Adelaide’s CBD,
  • A choice between office spaces with 3 different sizes available. (we can house up to 10 seats in one office).
  • 24 / 7 secure access
  • Zero cost high speed internet access with your very own secure managed network (wires and wireless)
  • Tea / Coffee etc.
  • Invites to Base64’s events and functions spaces.
  • Access to hold your own functions and events at no charge. AV equipment to use at your own discretion.
  • Limited carparking and bike racks onsite.
  • The ability to work outside, connected to your own private network
  • Shower facilities on site. Lunchtime gym session next door anyone?
  • Branding, promotion and media opportunities
  • Links to our existing and long held network nd fellowship of companies and people working actively in the technology  and creative industry spaces;
  • 4 months of full security fobbed access to your office and the site at large.
  • Delivery / package collection point with a staffed reception area.
  • A range of contemporary artworks to fuel your imagination and right brain.

Who you are:

  • As a starting point , we want to say that you being young, or a young startup isn’t actually a necessity. We see you as either an entity working with technology or the creative industries.
  • You will be hungry with an appetite for learning.
  • You benefiting from the thriving minds of our present residents and taking advantages of many of the residences various levels of expertise
  • A unique and a famous, coveted Adelaide space that will honour and seat your Adelaide home and branding.

How to apply:

  • Fill the form below
  • In one para graph give us an idea of what your company does, how old your company is and how many seats you would need from said space
  • Two to Four sentences on why you feel like base 64 would be a good fit for you.
  • A contact phone number and email address.
  • How you heard about the opportunity.


  • December 1 with the residency commencing either December or January next year.
  • All applications will be informed of the outcome in the second week of December.

Questions? :

Please feel free to email